Experienced, Caring Family Law Attorneys

When you are a family in crisis, you need an attorney who can help you – someone who will listen to you, give you the information you need to make important decisions, and guide you through the legal process to reach the result you need to move forward. You need a law firm with the expertise and experience to help you through the whole process, whether you are facing a simple uncontested divorce, or a contested divorce involving substantial assets and a custody dispute. We can see the whole picture for you – not just the immediate crisis that brings you into the legal system but also the long-term implications of current events and decisions. Our attorneys have handled many cases in all aspects of Family Law, dealing with issues ranging from multi-million dollar asset divisions, to meretricious relationship issues, custody battles and relocation issues.

Listed below are several links to various specific pages within our website which offer more specific information about various topics involving domestic litigation or “family law”. If you do not see your specific area of interest, please contact us and someone in our office will then respond regarding your matter.

  • Divorce (And Division of Assets)
  • Child Custody & Support Modifications
  • Enforcement and Contempt (Support, Property Division, Visitation)
  • Legitimation and Adoptions (Contested and Uncontested)
  • Temporary Protective Orders (Family Violence and Stalking)
  • Juvenile (DFCS & Delinquency)


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